We are Education, Innovation and Development (EID) at the University of London, a group of about 50 online learning professionals – learning designers, multimedia pros, edtechs, editors, graphic designers, digital librarians and project managers.

We work at the intersection between pedagogy, practice and technology to devise, design and develop the University of London’s distance learning programmes, in proud collaboration with our world-class partners.

Our work spans:

  • development of our educational models (making effective online pedagogy work in practice)
  • design and production of our programmes (from educational design to content production to ed tech)
  • innovation, future-gazing and future-making
  • online library services for our students around the world
  • shaping and contributing to research in online learning with the CDE and others
  • business development

This is our blog, designed to:

  • Share practical guidance and advice about how to make effective online programmes and modules, and how to teach online
  • Share news and updates on what we’re up to and what we’re thinking about
  • Contribute to the great global conversation about digital learning in higher education

The posts and pages here are for:

  • Our partners in the federation and beyond – from lecturers to programme directors to senior management
  • Prospective partners who may want to work with us
  • Anyone interested in online learning, from people new to the field to established practitioners

The pages in the top menu tell you more about our work, and provide useful resources for our partners. Our posts here will share news, thoughts, ideas and speculations, and represent the range of our members’ interests. We’ve made all this open, and look forward to engaging with you.

— Sam Brenton, Director of EID