2021 – The best year since 2020

About a year ago, I was sitting and thinking – “2020 was quite a year!  We’ll never see another like it.”.  And then came 2021…

I remember my first trip back to the office in September.  The sun was shining and the train was empty but when I got to London, there were people everywhere! A sense of normalcy was showing a titillating reveal of the ankle – hinting at something more to come. And then came Omicron and it was all over – no more people, no more kitchen banter and definitely no Christmas non-social, work-related events involving alcohol (ahem…).

But us humans often tend to focus on the negatives and, despite everything, 2021 was actually a fantastic year for the University of London.  The University is currently in the middle of an ambitious programme of development, with an output far in excess of any period in its recent history.  In 2021 we developed more online learning content and launched more new modules than in any previous year in the history of the University of London.

To summarise our wonderful achievements:

  • We launched four new MSc degree programmes
  • We developed 48 new modules across multiple degree programmes
  • Completed development for three existing degree programmes
  • Continued to develop modules for three other live degree programmes
  • Continued to develop modules for seven new degree programmes launching in spring 2022
  • Commenced work on development of seven new degree programmes for launch in October 2022
  • Began scoping work for new programmes to launch in 2023

Congratulations to everybody involved and a huge thank you for all your hard work.

Pandemic?  What pandemic…?

Jonathon Thomas
Associate Director: Learning Solutions