2022 – The story so far

It seems like only moments ago that I was reflecting on what a busy and eventful year 2021 was.  I’ve no idea how eventful 2022 will be – but I suspect that it will be no less busy.

Anyway, January has arrived! The decorations are all down, the resolutions are already wavering and we are all back at work.  Not in the office yet (soon maybe?) but most definitely back at work… And no sooner are we back than we are launching new modules!  Just six this time – small by our recent standards but still a major effort.  Once again, congratulations and huge thanks to all involved.

2022 was the first time we have launched new modules in January for four years and reflects the changes bought about by our new academic models which launched in October 2021.

Looking ahead – there is much to be excited about.  Many new programmes to be launched.  Many, many new modules to be developed.  A new recording studio to be developed. A return to the office, maybe a (legal) after work drink.  Who knows – maybe 2022 will be eventful after all?  We’ll keep you posted as it happens!

Jonathon Thomas
Associate Director: Learning Solutions