Behind the scenes: How we film for online learning

A behind the scenes look at our filming and post production process.

Over the past seven years or so, our in-house video production capability has developed steadily. We started with just two colleagues in a dingy basement studio. Today we’re a team of six with two well-equipped studio rooms, a media server, and a small network of computers for post-production work. We have the space and resources to continue growing and evolving our video production capabilities to meet the ever-increasing demand for rich educational media content.

To make the best quality video, we recommend that our academics to come into the studio to film wherever possible; presenting and explaining course material to the camera is very different from lecturing in the classroom or even over Zoom, and we do our best to help make this adjustment as comfortable as possible. It also means we can provide professional quality sound and lighting and it gives us the flexibility to use the green screen and light board.

This behind-the-scenes video follows a typical day’s work in the studio, showing how we produce video and audio content for our distance learning programmes.

Filming Dr Konstantinos Mersinas, lecturer on our MSc Cyber Security

Videos are a key component of our online courses. They offer learners flexibility to engage with new ideas and concepts at their own pace and convenience, wherever they are in the world.

Through our videos, the instructor’s presence can be made, adding a human element to an online course. Students feel more connected to the instructor and the course material when they’re given ‘a face’. Facial expressions, tone of voice and accompanying visuals can help learners better understand and engage with what’s being presented.