Education for sustainable development

A group of people standing in front of trees and wid turbines

Digital education reading group: October 2023

This month the digital education reading group is meeting to discuss education for sustainable development. We explore what we mean by the term education for sustainable development (or education for sustainability) and learn about the work being done in this area at other UK universities. We then go on to discuss how might we get involved at the University of London, and consider the unique challenges and opportunities for online education.

Education for sustainable development (ESD) gives learners of all ages the knowledge, skills, values and agency to address interconnected global challenges including climate change, loss of biodiversity, unsustainable use of resources, and inequality. It empowers learners of all ages to make informed decisions and take… action to change society and care for the planet. ESD is a lifelong learning process and an integral part of quality education.

(UNESCO, 2023)

List of topics discussed at previous meetings