The ethics of GenAI: Tech doomerism vs Silicon Valley promise

Drawing of a robot with scales on its middle.
ai ethics by Satria Arnata from Noun Project (CC BY 3.0)

Digital education reading group: March 2024

In less than two years we have seen incredible changes in the possibilities provided by GenAI. It promises increased creativity and efficiency, better quality work and even improved health outcomes. But, at the same time, there are concerns about its misuse, job losses, exploitation, disregard for intellectual property and its impact on human rights and democracy.

This month the digital education reading group will consider the ethical principles surrounding the use of GenAI today. There are 17 sources for you to choose from! We don’t expect you to read/watch them all; if you’re short on time, I recommend These Women Tried to Warn Us About AI and Have we passed ‘Peak Ethics’ in AI? for two contrasting perspectives.

Are these concerns real, or just tech doomerism?

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