Digital education reading group: topics discussed

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The University of London Worldwide’s digital education reading group meets every six weeks to discuss current issues in digital education. It provides a space for education professionals to step back from every day tasks, and reflect on developments and issues in the wider ed tech sector.

Topics discussed in previous meetings

May 2024: Decoding educational videos: Balancing quality and appeal for the best learning 

March 2024: The ethics of GenAI: Tech doomerism vs Silicon Valley promise

February 2024: Fostering online learning community ecosystems

January 2024: The evolving face of open educational resources

November 2023: What does the future of education look like?

October 2023: Education for sustainable development

July 2023: DEBATE! Should we still be talking about digital education, or just about education?

May 2023: Can we engage students in self-directed optional learning using threshold concepts and ipsative assessment?

April 2023: Constructivism, behaviourism and cognitivism in designing for online learning

February 2023: How might large language model chatbots be used in digital education?

January 2023: What’s the deal with EdTech? 

December 2022: Student centred feedback 

October 2022: In which ways might we use learning analytics? 

July 2022: Asynchronous discussion forums 

May 2022: Online engagement 

March 2022: Autoethnography 

February 2022: Authentic learning and storytelling 

December 2021: Playful learning 

November 2021: Do students know what’s good for them? 

October 2021: Questioning the consensus in online pedagogy 

September 2021: Automation of/in teaching 

July 2021: Learning through blogging 

June 2021: Humour in elearning 

February 2021: Is it wise to include collaborative learning in an online programme? 

January 2021: What do students need to succeed in an online programme? How can we support this? 

July 2020: Learning from video: what works? 

April 2020: Online assessment and academic integrity 

March 2020: Will coronavirus make online education go viral? 

February 202: Learning styles – fact or fiction?